How do I start a small woodworking shop? – Finish Carpentry Business Plan

In the woodshed, it’s not enough just to look good. You need to create something. Builds, machines, tools, and the opportunity to help other people get better at woodworking.

Our shop provides:

A large assortment of tools and equipment. You don’t want to walk around and not find a table saw, auger, or router on our shelves.

Flexible space and flexibility of equipment used. This is where you can find those woodworking ideas you’ve been kicking around in your head that you’ve always wanted to build with.

Small but efficient shop. The shop is small but efficient. It’s about the tools used but not so small that only a single employee can work on any project.

The space is well lit and is well ventilated.

It’s open floor plan. If you are in a busy downtown or town, it may be difficult to find a spot to set up an area to work on the workshop.

The shop has the ability to host events on your schedule.

The shop sits at the edge of the city at an access point for pedestrians and bicyclists.

There is a nice parking facility and ample onsite water, sewer, electricity, and garbage disposal.

If there is space, it is easy to move materials around, and the shop features floor to ceiling shelving, shelves for tools, and a woodworking table.

The shop has a basement for equipment storage, a full bathrooms, and is open to the public at all times.

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