How do I sell my wood projects? – Custom Woodworking Business Cards

Here is an easy way to sell wood projects on the internet, with just a few basic steps and techniques.
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Let´s have a look at a simple way to sell your wood projects on the internet.

Note: I used the same process from the beginning. But for people who would like to start selling, it´s much easier to start with the following steps. Also, I am adding an update of some common questions. Please go to the links. For now, they´re all here – you can´t go more in depth now.

Step 1. If you have a project with different colors and designs, put a link to the projects on your blog or website and explain who you are selling wood projects to. The wood is made in several ways, but people want to know which products they are buying and to be sure that those wood products match what they have purchased. People often order a wood product from a company or an individual and are not really clear who they are, nor in where the product is made.

Step 2. If you have a piece that has a lot of different shapes, put a short description about the product, the price the product is for, etc. This is something a lot of people do not understand is a way to differentiate a lot of products. But in my practice, if the seller does not know the material that he is selling, he will get a “good request” (it usually happens).

When I saw the following website, I knew what I was in for:

“I don´t sell wood or furniture, but I would like to trade a good piece of wood that I made from hardwood for something of the same age. It is not in good condition, but as long as you take it back at that time and ship it back to me you are good to go from now on. Thanks!”

Step 3. Put together a video about the different kinds of wood being made. It doesn´t have to be 100% clear to understand, but I put something as follows:

Good wood from hardwoods: a small hardwood, that is strong and long life.

Good wood from other woods: soft wood that is very soft but is strong, but will not hold a lot of weight

Good wood from other woods that is different kinds of wood (but from a different tree): the wood is also made from a different hardwood, but has a more light (and softer

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