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The city manager in a village in the Indian state of Puducherry has resigned after being caught by an internet scandal last weekend. A video posted on social media showed a man at work in the village of Parashur.

The video reportedly shows a man in a T-shirt and jeans in the village. The man appeared to be on his lunch break, wearing the clothing he had just purchased with his lunch money.

The village manager is the local police chief in the village, S. Praveen. He has resigned and has been suspended from his job.

The video was released in several languages like Telugu, Hindi, and English. It has also spread quickly on social media.

The video showed him in full uniform, sitting with his back to a large white board which is covered with a diagram of the village of Parasur. He was sitting under a table.

Another man was on his right with his back to the board with the figure of a horse on a large canvas.

Praveen had received complaints that the man in the video was not a police official. He has also been removed from his post.

There is a law against men in the village who are employed by the police. However, according to the police, this law does not apply to the police chief as he’s working on the road maintenance.

The police chief is also a member of the police.

The police chief reportedly apologized to Praveen and ordered him back to his post.

A small plane flew into the parking garage of the Las Vegas Convention Center before it crashed Saturday, killing all three people on board, and causing the building to immediately collapse and come crashing to the ground.

The Metropolitan Police Department said on Twitter that two people were found dead at the scene, but it has not confirmed a third death. It didn’t respond to a request from NBC News for a further update. The police said at 10 a.m. Sunday that three victims were found. It is unknown if the plane was carrying more people or not.

The plane took off from John Wayne Airport just after 7 a.m., but went out of control immediately after taking off, according to sources. The FAA reports it struck the parking garage at 909 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, crashing on its landing runway.

The Metropolitan Police

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