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As you know, I built Woodworking Magazine back in 2005 and I have always tried to promote the use of wood cutting or “shop-made furniture” that’s also functional. And as a result of the site, I’ve gained some experience in this area. I’ve made some good money using woodworking and it really started to pay off when I made this beautiful bench top desk.

Here’s the link to my gallery of bench top desks. Check out the woodworking tips below.

What is a bench top desk?

Balls are flat. This desk is a little over 30″ wide but is designed for a desk about the same width as my kitchen table. There is a big drawer that folds out the whole length for additional storage or to turn a corner. This desk uses a lot of solid wood and a bit of fabric (I’m using double-fiber fabric).

Here is a view of where I made this desk. Note the little table I glued to the side of a door to keep it a bit lower in the wall. This desk was made over the course of two or three weekends.

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I like the design of this workstation because it’s easy to set up. Even in the winter, it keeps my home nice and cool. I use an old coffee table as a work surface for storing my laptop and I also use it as a table cover as well. I’ve also made a coffee table shelf to hold my laptops, books and other materials that I might need at home.

What’s special about this bench top desk and how did you spend the money?

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