How can I make money from woodworking at home?

Before we’re finished with the video, I’ll give you a little introduction to a lot of how I make money from woodworking. I’d love to hear your feedback, so let me know your thoughts in the comments!

The first step is understanding that you can make money from an article, tweet or video on Facebook. Here’s how to find the perfect link to monetize an article.

There are multiple ways to monetize a Facebook post or YouTube video.

For a quick idea, here are some of my favorite ways:

Here are some more general tips:

When you’re creating your Facebook page, you’ll have the first page view on every new page. This makes it easier to get a lot of traffic and to get some likes. If you can get a massive group of Page views then you will have a chance of generating lots of money, especially if you link to your site.

When you’re posting a Facebook post on Twitter, you’ll have the last page view on every new tweet. If you have an article that’s been going viral, you could very well have hundreds of “likes.” Keep in mind that since this method can happen more easily on Facebook, you’ll probably need to go on a smaller scale first. If you can get hundreds of visits a day, however, you could find great results with this kind of strategy.

Here’s how to do so by:

A) Create a Facebook page

B) Start sending out content from your page

C) Add some traffic in the form of likes and comments, if you like

D) If you get some likes, add the page to your feed

E) Add some click-throughs back to your own brand page

F) Make money!

I’m going to use Twitter as an example, however, it’s a pretty wide open platform to monetize your blog and Youtube channel.

The first step was to set up a new Twitter account and get a brand new account name. There have been many blog-spotting tools out there as well. I’ve used Buffer, Medium, Yoast SEO and so on. I’ve actually had people offer me free business pages as a result of using these sites.

I decided to go with my own brand that I’ve been working with for the last year. I called it Tiny Tiny Blog for now, but it probably will change pretty soon for SEO reasons.