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For one and a half hours of work, you’ve made $20 worth of wood and turned $100 worth of carbon into money.

It’s amazing what small investments you can make to start a business that will pay for itself many times over. Plus, with a little creativity and a bit of elbow grease, you can even make a ton of money doing some really fun things like creating your own business model for a new type of wood cutting saw.

For example, here’s how one couple made a lot of money in only a couple days:

They used a table saw to cut a lot of beautiful logs that had nothing to do with their project. They were working with a simple, $60 table saw that cost $450 new. They spent the day on it. So what were they doing with half an hour of time? They were taking their friends and family out to a barbeque with pizza.

And all before beginning this whole process of buying their own woodworking tools!

The big thing to remember here is that there is no one-size-fits-all business plan for your woodworking business.

But we do have a couple tips we use as we work off of savings as well as doing some big deals with people and creating a business. And when I say we, I mean we. Not only do we make money, but we’re excited about it too.

So here are some common things that we do:

Build a good relationship with customers

If you’re buying wood in bulk, build a relationship with potential customers who want to purchase a lot of wood from you in the future and offer them some deals. If they’ve been reading our blog and wanted to take us up on one of these deals, that could mean a huge savings on your order.

We’ve also been known to go out and buy a lot of wood in many different sizes depending on our clientele. When we know people are looking from us, I also tend to find smaller wood sizes that I think would be great to start with if they were in need for some small cuts like this one.

For example, I might spend $5 on a saw that I think would be useful because of it’s size. And if they’re buying small woods for their project, I can usually spend $2 to $3 on them.

Keep your costs down
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One of the best ways out of a big wood buying hole is to keep your

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