How can I make $50 a day? – Woodworking Business Plan

I can’t even make enough money. That’s how much they think we can survive? This is the greatest country in the world, with the greatest laws and laws that protect the rights of every person. The government is an evil. It’s an unfair society, so the majority of people can’t even make enough money by working. What do you really care at this point? Do you really want to live like this? I can’t even make enough money. And you people who live where we live, you can’t even earn $12 a day. That’s how much they think we can survive?”

At the beginning of the clip, Jones talks a little about his decision to launch POPSugar with nothing more than his mother’s money and his friends’ support. He explains that being unemployed was a big concern; he started a petition with 10,000 names by March and he’s still working on reaching his goal of 10,000. Since then, he has raised $12,000 and plans on distributing the money to low-income students with no savings — and to the hundreds of people who support him via Patreon, which he is running on a shoestring budget.

He says he hopes his message to young people will help him earn the resources to buy an ambulance, medical supplies and a bed for someone who cannot stand up for 10 minutes. His own mother has a life-threatening illness, which has forced her to give up a career she had planned to be in. This, in turn, forced him into making a living out of his own body.

“I could not go to work, then I would be homeless,” he says. “I lost everything. But I am not homeless, I am saving. So now I am making money, and I am saving money. I am saving for a roof to put on my roof, to buy medicine for my mother.”

He’s been working as a security guard, so he’s earning around 25 cents an hour (a couple hundred dollars), and still making ends meet. He’s currently saving up to buy an ambulance and also says he’s working on getting a house for his mother as well as for himself. He hopes his message will make people reconsider their decision to work and save, or that they will take the risk and help him out. Jones is hopeful that enough of the thousands of people who signed the petition that helped make his video a reality will find his work and support him to become a self-sufficient, self-employed person

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