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No. The best use for wood is to be used as a furniture and/or kitchen finish. The cost for buying wood for this is very, very high. It is not cheap, but as an investment, if you’re serious about making money on wood, it has value. If you see a project that’s using this lumber, ask yourself if you think you can make money selling it or if it has to be used in a project that’s paying good profit margins. Wood is not good for furniture or kitchen finishes…it is not even good for that.

If you’re thinking of using wood to build something, it comes down to your preference, time and patience. This is one of those projects you will be glad that you invested time and money into. My wife recently had the wood from a tree that had been cutting down the whole day and it was a fantastic project to build from. As we were planning it out, in the past several years she and my family has used a variety of different types of wood for projects across the entire family. But, at the end of most of them, all the wood that has been used was either a heavy wood like maple or oak or even hardwood like cedar. In that situation, you can’t just use wood without thought. In the first years of working on it, we used a lot of cherry, ash, aspen and maple. We learned our lesson, and only the last couple trees that we planted are hardwoods….like cedar, cherry, and aspen. I have found that using hardwood is better for the durability of the project and the look, although most of the time, you may find it’s just as versatile in the kitchen cabinet or in the kitchen, so if you’re a true fan of the look of an old piece, then it’s worth the investment.

So, what do you do with it? Well, in the past we have used it as a “dresser and end cabinet” and other pieces. I also use it to cover our shelves that have some rough spots on it. When using wood for projects like this, it is important to understand how it behaves and what you are working with. We are getting into “cutting down the corners”, but if you’re an experienced woodworker, you know the difference between a hardwood and a softwood. We have found to use maple in the finished projects that we have used it for. It gets very little water and it’s also a great choice

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