Can you make a living making furniture? – Woodworking Businesses Income

A: I am very much in the furniture business and I have a few properties to sell. I am a freelance furniture maker in my spare time. I also make a house with my own hands. I do this for me, and for my family with the best intentions. My family have worked and lived in my homes, but still have to move out at various times. I live on the street with my kids. I take care of them during the day and teach them at night. I make a variety of things, including furniture, and it is hard work. I teach my sons, my daughter and then my grandchildren how to make things, how to make it easy on them. They also make things for themselves in their own lives.

Q: Do you make your own clothing?

A: No, I am a seamstress. I do make my own clothes, but my clients include the people who purchase my work.

Q: Have you ever received a scholarship?

A: Yes. Many times I have, but I have always been unable to afford that degree. I believe all of us need a higher education. But I am able to do that now with education. I believe you can go into your future without a degree.

Q: Do your children have any money left over after taxes?

A: No. Our only income is the money we earn from our work. I don’t know if we have an inheritance that the girls can draw on.

Q: When you were growing up, did you ever feel any pressure to have a son?

A: I have two children. When I was younger, I was thinking about having a boy. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-30’s and I was already married that I first thought of having a son. They are my children and my first priorities are their health.

Q: What do you think of the new U.S. president?

A: As a man, I support his policies and his agenda. I think he is the best thing to pass through the Congress before we get into a great financial crisis. He wants to bring the country together.

Q: How would you feel about a possible nuclear war?

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A: I would be sad, but I feel that the people are going to be fine. I know of people who have passed away. I have a feeling that they may have been okay. I’m sure they would have felt

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