Will I lose weight if I skip dinner? – Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve Procedure

What foods will make me feel full afterward?

Will you have snacks during the day?

How will you use the space in the kitchen? Do you plan on a bathroom? Will you have a communal or private area?

Will you have a fridge in your office space? Could your company share the fridge with your personal home space?

What is the difference between an office space and a home space?

Will I have a space to do errands in my office space?

Will we have food in the office? Is there an easy meal options, something you can just grab from the refrigerator?

What will happen if the employees aren’t able to participate in the day’s activities?
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How can I ensure everyone gets access to lunch?

How can I make it convenient for everyone to take breaks from work?

What if some of the things you recommend aren’t affordable or feasible?

What if the employees can’t provide enough time to work out in their office space?

If I’m the only one who needs access to lunch and the other employees are working around the clock, how will I keep everyone happy and relaxed?

What will I do with my lunch?

How can I get everyone working on their own and having lunch together?

Will a shared cup table be good for business when the rest of the organization has to be home for a meeting?

What if the employees want to eat at home?

How can I ensure I don’t forget something or get it wrong?

What if I make my job easier?

How can I keep everyone happy working at the same time?

What if we have a different schedule? How will I be able to get everyone to stay active and together in the mornings?

What if other teams have to shift to a morning schedule? Will they have to work out in their own working spaces?

If my team has to work from home, how could I manage the flow of work?

How do I handle conflicts and concerns?

How can we reduce the amount of time we spend alone watching TV?

What if everyone will have to work from home? Are there any ideas to help mitigate this?

How can I get more staff to see the benefits in staying together?

How do I make sure we all have access to social time on the weekends when we enjoy it?

What if they can’t

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