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How healthy/fat are you?

Wealthy Americans are getting fatter all the timeā€”and we’ve become complacent about it.

It’s a very scary thing when people look at themselves in the mirror and realize they’ve become overweight or obese. We’re losing body fat and gaining weight. And we look in the mirror and get scared.

I remember when I first came back from a knee replacement and I thought, I really need to lose half that weight. And I think there was a time when I would’ve said, yeah, I’m okay with losing a pound a week. But I’m not okay with having 20 pounds on my lower portion of my waistline.

And now I think there’s this idea that, well, the problem is you’re really overweight. The fact of the matter is you’re just overweight because you’re lazy. If you do something really hard, like exercise or try to eat healthier, even if it feels uncomfortable.

Image copyright Alamy Image caption A new report revealed 5m young women have been left childless because their parents divorced or remarried during the recession

A study by the London School of Economics says that for every one woman who goes into motherhood, five men become fathers.

And the study found that almost 10,000 young men are living with their parents.

The researcher, Professor John Dalli, told the BBC that in Britain, this ratio of fathers to teenage mothers was “sizable” and that “you don’t usually see that”.

In the US, the study found that almost 70% of newly-weds were mothers.

The report follows a study by the Harvard Institute of Development Studies, also published earlier this year.

The UK-based researchers looked at statistics in 17 nations that had different child-rearing strategies – and they found that more than 50% were having to deal with a “gender pay gap”.

A few countries have found ways of reducing the number of teenage mothers born. For example, Denmark has a system of “baby bonus” payments to mothers at the end of pregnancy, helping women postpone child-bearing until after they have children.

But for many, the child-rearing decisions are made for them. Studies have shown that the decision to give birth to children was traditionally the mother’s prerogative.

The Dalli study looked at statistics from 16 countries, in England and Wales, which he said “had made an

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