What should I stop eating to lose weight?

As with many other strategies, weight cycling tends to work better for people who are already at a healthy weight.

What can I do to avoid becoming overweight?

A very clear way to make sure you’re not at a size that puts you over your limit is to stop eating. This might mean avoiding junk food entirely. For some, it will mean avoiding eating a lot of sweets and pastries, but for those who don’t mind a tiny bit less food, it could mean avoiding whole grains, vegetables, fruits and whole fat proteins. The trick is to find ways to not only avoid the foods that are causing your obesity, but also to find ways to find ways to eat more of those foods, too.

For some people, stopping eating altogether would be a drastic measure. But for others, it might mean eating less, if that’s what it takes to break through what looks like a weight gain. But there’s not a good reason not to start today with a healthy, healthy diet.

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We at the San Francisco Bay Guardian hate to break the news that San Francisco is a hotbed for pot smokers. It’s a fact of life in this city that you will always find smoking pot. However, it’s not a fact that we would ever want to spread to the rest of the nation. We have seen enough tragedies in this country with so many lives lost due to addiction. We have seen too many kids taken away because of pot. And we need to get all of us educated on the harms of drug possession.

A new survey found that one in three San Franciscan residents use marijuana at least half of the time. That’s out in the open to all. If you don’t have a smartphone or access to the internet, you may not even know about the fact that San Francisco is one of the least tolerant cities in the nation.

Not to mention it’s becoming quite difficult to find legal, safe places in San Francisco to smoke while you’re here. In April, San Francisco voters passed a ban on marijuana edibles. This means that all food delivery and barbecuing services will have to do an extra check on their food to make sure it’s not cannabis-infused.

One day in mid-November of 2010, I was sitting on my roof deck playing with some of my new toys when I noticed that something shiny was falling off my patio chair.

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