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1. Water fasting can reduce the risk of diabetes and CVD by 1/3rd. Water fasting is good for those who are insulin sensitive or are diabetic. Those with insulin resistance have reduced blood sugar (sugar), which makes them prone to type 2 diabetes and CVD. In addition to the health benefits, water fasting has been shown to be effective. It has not been proven that any particular type of water fasting improves insulin sensitivity, but many studies have shown that it improves insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes.
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2. People with high blood sugar levels can lose excess weight by drinking lots of water (see chart below). The amount of daily water consumption needed for weight loss depends on the person’s blood sugar level. People with the highest blood sugar need the most amount of water while those with the lowest need less (the more you consume, the more you will lose).

3. A person who is not insulin sensitive loses weight because they have less insulin in their body and less use of insulin to bring in more blood sugar. People with insulin resistance or diabetes also lose weight because their diet is too high in carbohydrates (sugar). As the rate of loss in weight increases, more water is needed to make a person thin.

4. There is a scientific foundation for the idea that it is beneficial to eat less sugar in general. Some people may need to eat slightly less sugar if they are eating a higher carbohydrate diet (carbohydrates are not so readily digested in more sedentary people).

However, many people with diabetes and low blood sugar lose weight. Some people with diabetes can go for about one year without eating a gram of sugar. Many people with diabetes and low blood sugar can lose weight without being severely ill.

5. Many people have a lot of energy as they are not sensitive to insulin. Water fasting has a lower impact on insulin levels than other calorie restriction strategies. One study showed that drinking only a cup of water for a week reduced the amount of glucose found in blood. People fasting can easily achieve this goal with a few glasses of water. The same study showed improvement and health benefits in people that were not insulin sensitive (see chart below).

6. Many people have the metabolism of a diabetic person, so they use up their insulin reserves in a very short time period. If you have a low or medium blood sugar level and have to eat often, you will need extra blood sugar to ensure that you do not run out of the supplies.

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