What is a healthy rate to lose weight? – Foods Good For Weight Loss In Women

A few things happen: 1) The amount of calories your body needs to burn is fixed, just as it is for your brain. 2) The amount of calories you need to burn decreases as you age. 3) Your body doesn’t store those calories in fat stores. Instead, food gets to your liver where it gets metabolized. Then, your body is able to use these unused calories to provide energy to tissues like the muscles, tendons, and joints. If you don’t exercise, they are ultimately burned. If you exercise, however, your body burns them as well. It turns out that the amount of calories you burn doesn’t change as you age. It is simply your body’s ability to absorb the calories you eat decreases. Since we don’t know all the different ways in which metabolism plays into our weight gain over time, I will say that it is important to be careful with your calories. I believe the only way to really make good changes is to learn how to eat in a way that doesn’t involve burning food. This is, ultimately, what your doctor wants to tell you. My experience so far is that there are some things you should focus on to make sure you can eat as often as your liver and your body will tolerate.

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— Steve McCarroll (c. 1964)

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The second part of this series:

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