What foods help burn belly fat? – Weight Loss Tips In Hindi Man

Foods that boost metabolism, slow fat loss, and boost satiety:

• Protein

• Egg (as you do the eggs in the protein shake or eat a whole egg)

• Fruits (or berries)

• Nuts

• Low-fat foods like nuts and beans

• Dairy

• Low-sugar, fat-free foods (ex. salad, hummus, and avocados)

• Vegetables (and/or salad greens)

• Fruits in moderation, like bananas, avocados, mangos, cantaloupe, pineapple, papaya and more

• Low-fat, high potassium vegetables (think peppers and broccoli and green onions)

• Fruits

• Low-glycemic foods such as fruits and vegetables

• Low-fat and calorie-y foods (ex. fruit drinks, fruit cakes, smoothies, etc.)

• Calcium, especially when calcium is taken at the right dosages (doses that are high enough when eaten will not give the body enough excess calcium).

• Other nutrients that help the body burn more fat.

How do I know when I’m burning too much at the gym?

If your metabolism has been speeding up, then your metabolism may be slower if you are dieting too much. For example, someone who exercises for 30-45 minutes and goes on a diet of 1,800 calories would burn 1,800 calories at this rate. So let’s say your body burns that 1,800 calories every 20 minutes so you burn 1,600 calories a day (1,800 in a day). To burn that 1,600 you need to eat 1,600 calories that day. If your metabolism wasn’t eating as many calories, your metabolism will be slower.

Some people may be having too many calories, and their metabolism is slowing down. If your body is having too much calories and your metabolism is slowing down. This may be because:

• You’ve been eating too many calories

• You’ve been eating large amounts of carbs, carbohydrates at the wrong time of day (ex: too many breads or breakfast cereal with milk or snacks)

• Some fats (like coconut oil) and sugars (like sweet drinks) in some foods are being stored as fat in your belly fat stores which in some people may slow down your metabolism.

• You’ve been eating the same

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