What are the 3 stages of iron deficiency?

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You might have iron deficiency if you’ve ever had an oversupply of iron because you’ve been consuming too much. This could be because you’ve had a reaction to a medication or you’ve taken an iron supplement, or it could be that you’re iron deficiency is causing you symptoms other than weakness, which isn’t always the case. It’s a very common problem, so you should get your iron levels tested.

If you’re already iron deficient and take an iron supplement or a non-ferrous iron supplement, the symptoms of iron deficiency will likely be minor. If you’re taking an iron supplement but not experiencing any symptoms, your body is making enough iron and has nothing to add. If you’re currently taking an iron supplement and are becoming unwell, it’s worth checking on whether or not your iron levels are the same as they were before your supplementation. They shouldn’t be (meaning you’ve been off your supplement for too long), but if they’re still high, you may want to re-evaluate your lifestyle.

Can you get the ‘bad’ effects if you take too much iron?

Iron deficiency is one of the leading causes of ill health and premature death, especially in the elderly. Unfortunately, when people take high-dose iron supplements to avoid being deficient, you can end up taking more and more when it doesn’t work and, as a result, you’re left with less, while your iron levels become low, even as you continue taking your supplements.

In some situations, iron deficiency can be a treatable condition with supplements and proper diet. This is especially true for those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, heart failure, and other conditions.

In situations like these however, it may be worth paying particular attention to how much you take, since you may want to avoid taking it in quantities higher than what you need. This is because higher iron levels can cause:

Less iron, because your body is still able to make enough to maintain your health.

A slower reaction to illness because your body may need less to fight off disease.


A risk of iron depletion in children who drink large amounts of red wine, and iron deficiency in children who eat more processed food than is recommended.

How do you fix your iron deficiency?

Iron deficiencies can arise from anything from stress, poor diet, high-dose iron supplements or supplements that you’ve been taking previously without adjusting your routine. If you