What are the 3 stages of iron deficiency? – How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Iron deficiency can range on the spectrum between mild and severe. Mild cases often present to your doctor with a mild symptoms such as fatigue, redness and swelling, and a mild pain. Moderate to severe cases appear with a number of symptoms including weakness, numbness and pain on one or both hands, legs, or feet, and loss of concentration. In severe stages, the affected person may not experience any symptoms.

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How do iron-deficiency anemia occur?

Iron-deficiency anemia can result from either dietary protein or insufficient absorption of the iron contained in meat and dairy products. Iron deficiencies are a relatively common condition that affect a number of populations in the US. Although people who consume meat and dairy products are at increased risk of developing iron-deficiency anemia as they age, older adults generally do not suffer from iron deficiencies because they consume more calories and are typically leaner.

What is the iron deficiency disorder (IDDM)?

IDDM is a disorder in the body that results from a deficiency of certain dietary iron. The IDDM sufferers report a number of symptoms of weakness and fatigue, lack of energy, and difficulty sleeping. Iron deficiency can occur alone or in conjunction with multiple chronic disease conditions, including heart disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, depression, and asthma.

What causes IDDM?

IDDM can result from a number of underlying causes. In rare instances, IDDM may be caused by an acute illness. In cases of an acute illness such as an infection or pneumonia, the patient might have an elevated serum ferritin level, which is indicative of a deficiency of iron. For some patients, this can occur because of autoimmune iron malignancy, infection, or viral infection.

Is idiopathic anemia an actual disease?

According to an IDDM study commissioned by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGA), while iron is commonly accepted as a dietary requirement, it is not an accepted disease. IDDM is an indication of an inadequate diet, and the presence of anemia as such is not generally associated with disease, whereas anemia due to iron deficiency may be associated with disease, although in rare instances there may be an association in which chronic disease is the direct result of the condition.

Can Iron Supplements Help In IDDM?

Though iron supplements are not generally recommended for those with iron deficiency, they should not be viewed as a substitute for more traditional forms of iron therapy, which include eating iron-

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