How much weight will I lose if I eat 1200 calories a day? – Weight Loss Plans Rated

One pound lost or gained is equal to about 2% of your previous weight. Remember to weigh yourself each day while exercising regularly. You can also try to eat a snack during the day before bedtime. You’ll lose weight in two or three weeks.

I want to lose weight fast. How?

This is very hard. It can be very confusing at first. But the best thing you can do is get professional help from experienced dieters who can coach you.

Is there a fast diet?

There is not a fast diet. Eating only 1200 kilosecals a day does not result in quick weight loss. As soon as your body gets used to it, it is back to normal.

What if I gain too much weight?

This happens a lot. I just think it could be better if you can lose a smaller amount first. It’s good if you can lose about 50-60 kilos a short time. It would be better if you can keep your weight under 30 per cent. If your weight is above 30 per cent, you’ll notice your waistline is bigger. You should go back to eating your regular food.

Should I take any exercise?

You can do a very good job of doing regular exercise and keep it up. Try to go for at least 30 to 40 minutes when working out. But you might be amazed how important your physical exercise is to losing weight and keep your weight in check. Try to go for 3-4 days only.

Why doesn’t my weight go down by 60 %?

Because there is a tendency to keep your weight too high at the same time that you keep eating too much, you will end in getting bigger while trying to lose weight. Some overweight people end up with a belly at least 60 kilosecal high every day, which will be painful.
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Why does it pain so much to lose weight?

The pain of being overweight will last for several days or weeks. But if you keep your weight under 30 per cent you’ll notice your belly will slim down.

I’ve tried to lose weight and my weight will go back up very rapidly and even up to 100 kilosecals. How come it hurts as much as it did to lose weight in the first place?

It’s partly the same thing with your belly. Your body knows that you don’t have enough fat tissue but it keeps you from gaining too much weight.


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