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For a female who began losing weight while on HRT, the average weight loss was 5.6 kg or 11% of body weight.

How can I lose weight with HRT? Weight regain is the most common side effect of HRT. You may experience weight gain, loss of strength, and/or bone loss.

When and how often should I weigh myself after starting HRT? How you weigh after starting HRT determines your body fat percentage and if you are at elevated risk for fat cell development or destruction (elevated T levels).

How can I prevent weight gain in HRT users? You should monitor weight loss and not gain more weight; your weight should be within healthy ranges.

I was treated for my pre-HRT weight loss (before HRT). Should I continue my HRT treatment after my weight is back to normal? You are unlikely to gain back any lost body weight on either HRT or diet, because the hormones you received and your body’s response to them will change your body fat for the better. If you take HRT and you decide to stop, do so gradually by cutting back gradually. Once you have reduced your HRT dose and diet, gradually increase the dose back to normal. If you have any concerns about your ability to continue HRT treatment after your weight is normalized, contact your healthcare provider.

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What is the treatment with HRT? HRT is used to help you control the side effects of HRT. The combination hormone therapy (combined, combined with, or concomitant with) can cause breast enlargement, which may be associated with a decreased effectiveness of birth control. You need to discuss with your healthcare provider if you are considering concomitant use of a hormonal contraceptive (such as an intra-uterine device, hormonal implant, or progestin-only pill), because there could be an increase in side effects. The same treatment may require a change in your treatment for fertility purposes. See separate guidelines: Hormonal Contraception, Birth control, and Hormonal Stimulation (IUD).

Should I consider HRT to prevent or treat certain types of cancer? Treatment with oral contraceptives lowers the risk of developing cancer by approximately 50%. However, it does not offer

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