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Weight loss after a procedure has many similarities to weight gain, so doctors often ask if the patient is overweight, or underweight if they are otherwise healthy. Most studies show that someone who lost 2% or less of their body weight at baseline is at a slightly increased risk for having a weight regain after procedure. Weight loss after other procedures increases the risk of weight regain later in the course after the procedure. If you have a BMI over 27, the chances of another weight gain after surgery are approximately 50-80%. If the BMI is between 27 and 30 the odds of another weight gain are 75% .

The risk of having weight gain after other procedures is higher if your body fat is concentrated in one area, is thin, or you have a family history of having a weight gain after surgery. In these cases, weight gain may occur only to a certain degree from beginning to end of the procedure.

How are weight loss surgeries performed?

Weight loss procedures are performed on the abdomen, hips, spine, hips and thighs and sometimes the lower abdomen and chest. These procedures can be used for many different conditions.

Are weight loss surgery procedures related to other medical conditions?

Doctors do not know if this is what caused the patient’s weight loss for their specific health condition. It could be the effects of the medical condition, the medications being given, or the weight loss being a response to a condition that was already present. Also, weight loss after other procedures should not occur if someone has a history of weight lost due to other surgeries.

What if the weight loss is not related to the medical condition? There are a number of other possible explanations for the weight loss. For example, the patient may have been a low risk of having weight regain in the future, may have a history of heart disease or diabetes that affected weight loss, or may have had weight gain from a diet or increased activity. It is important that people with high risk for weight gain have follow-up with their doctor prior to surgery.

Is weight loss surgery surgery a risk?

Weight loss surgical procedures can cause serious complications. These complications may include infection, bleeding, infection and infection complications, bleeding in the pelvic floor (area between the bladder and the vagina), infections from the wound, or surgery-related bleeding.

A complication is a problem that could be corrected with an operation to be performed. If your surgeon discovers you have a complication, it would be advisable to make sure to do an operating report to

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