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How diet and exercise affect the way you sleep
This depends on many factors, including how and when you train and your genetics. You can think of this as a spectrum, from very low-weight loss (2-6% body weight) to the extreme extremes that happen when you exceed your body’s natural weight loss threshold.

If you want to lose a ton of weight in just a couple weeks, it’s normal to lose some weight (0-9% body weight) and some more (10-29% body weight) over a 4-6-week cycle.

If you want to lose a little more, it might be wise to wait to go super heavy until you hit a set point. In that case – just stick with your program until you see some results.

Remember, most people are at a low level of body fat when they go to the gym in the first place.

If you’re overweight and training only for weight loss, then your body naturally loses fat as you train. If you want to lose weight, then you have to cut calories.

But… when your diet and exercise are consistent, your body naturally conserves fat. If your body doesn’t lose fat, and loses less in the process, then you’ll probably continue to gain weight until you reach your set point.

If this were just an experiment, we’d expect your weight to gradually and gradually fall as your set point approaches, until, over time, your body would be able to recover.

This doesn’t always happen, however! When you’re on a diet and going on a diet, your body can be very fickle in its response to weight loss.

You might see very dramatic changes in your body in the beginning, and then, a few weeks later – even before you set some solid goals – things go quiet.

If you start with a low-weight, low-percentage-of-body-weight diet, you have to take it slowly (but surely!).

So why do they lose so much weight?

In order to make weight loss fun, it makes sense to encourage people to do things that will actually result in weight loss.

People in these groups are not just thinking. They’re actively making progress, using diets that work!

Many of them are training hard every day to get into a state in which they’re “starting at the right place”. Many of these people are going to gain as much as possible after they cut.

These people

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