How much weight loss is abnormal? – 1 Week Smoothie Fast Weight Loss

The “normal” weight loss figure for an individual based on BMI for people aged 40 to 79 years is 0 to -3%.

This has been shown to be consistent with normal weight loss, with around the same loss as people who are overweight or obese (i.e.

How do you get the numbers?

The figures are provided for ages 40 to 79. We use the following weights and heights:

Age 40 Height: 5 ft 10 in Weight: 50.0 kg

Are the figures accurate?

We think the figures are very accurate. We know that the BMI is used because it is the most widely accepted and accurate assessment of fat distribution. We use this to try to match up people of normal weight with overweight and obese figures and to ensure that the figure from a normal weight person is in line with the risk of death from cancer and heart disease.

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