How much weight can you lose by drinking water?

The weight loss results of drinking a glass of water after each workout is a matter of debate. Some experts believe that water helps to flush toxins from the body. Others, however, point out that the body doesn’t necessarily need to ingest water after workouts to lose weight. Many studies reveal that it may be better to drink water if you don’t mind some pain for a few days. As for the long-term effects, most experts believe that a small amount of water taken immediately after a workout may be all that is needed to help with recovery.

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The University of Washington, where a Muslim student was arrested Friday after allegedly making threats to kill “blacks, Jews and all minorities,” is “not a good place to be.”

Two University of Washington students were arrested Friday after “threatening to murder everyone” at the West Coast campus that is home to more than 3,000 students, according to the Seattle Times.

The students were identified as 19-year-old Bahariyah Abdallah and 24-year-old Abdul Khaliq. Abdallah was booked into King County Jail on one count each of first-degree harassment and second-degree intimidation. Khaliq was booked into King County Jail on one count each of third-degree harassment and second-degree intimidation, the University of Washington confirmed to Campus Reform.

“This is not a good place to be,” Abdallah wrote on her Twitter account after her arrest Friday morning. “There is people out here fighting for their lives and there are cops at my door.”

Khaliq then posted on his Facebook page: “As I was about to go through security, a guy comes in, punches me in the face, pulls my hijab off and yells, ‘go back to your country,’ and then I’m arrested.”

Police were already on the scene, and reported spotting a white SUV “driving up beside her” in the parking lot before they were able to arrest her.

Abdallah graduated with an electrical engineering degree from U Wash in 2012. The Seattle Times reported that she told investigators that she thought the incident was a joke because she never has been arrested for making any bomb threats at school.

Her family sent a photograph of her graduation to the paper.

“Her parents were going to send us an official email yesterday and said that she would be happy to send us a picture just of the diploma,” Mohamed Nabi, a student who asked the Times not to publish the picture, told the newspaper