How many calories should a woman eat a day to lose weight?

The truth is more than you think.

One of the reasons dieting can be so dangerous is that you’re only trying to lose weight, not gain it.

Some dieters will eat fewer calories to start with, but then binge, eat too much, or cut calories.

When you lose weight, you lose muscle, which helps you gain weight faster. The reverse happens (muscle = weight.)

The problem with dieting

Dieting doesn’t work because:

You have the wrong motivation

You don’t know if a food will even make you fat.

You don’t know how much you eat and how much your body will burn off.

Most importantly, you’re making your body try to starve itself—which will cause hunger, irritability and other stress indicators to flare up.

There are no quick fix diets either—you need to keep your calorie intake consistent throughout the day.

The Best Food to Lose Weight

Here are some of the best foods to help you lose fat—at least initially—without dieting.

The Best Foods to Lose Weight, With More Tips

1. Chicken Breast (cooked)

Chicken breasts are one of the best foods to lose weight.

They’re full of lots of healthy fats and proteins (particularly omega 3-6 fatty acids), and they provide a steady dose of protein and carbs.

While chicken breasts don’t have a lot of protein, their fat content is excellent. Fat in a chicken breast is essential for keeping muscle, which is crucial to fat loss.

Because chicken breasts are so full of protein and fat, they help you lose weight more readily on a low-carb diet.

When you have a big meal with chicken breasts, you’ll feel full, but your body won’t feel the same.

Instead, it’ll put on extra fat.

Bottom line: the good stuff.

2. Nachos or Doritos Tacos

These chips contain only 3 grams of fat—and that’s from natto, which contains a good deal of healthy fat.

Doritos—a taco made with Dorito meat—have 8 grams of fat, while chorizo—a meat made from pork, beef, and pork rinds—has 11 grams of fat.

Doritos and nachos make a fantastic healthy snack because they both have only