How long does it take to lose belly?

The answer is a couple of weeks when you’re first going to lose some weight. Once you get the hang of working out, you can see the change for yourself. When you’re a little more aggressive, the changes will be more dramatic.

How to lose belly fat fast

If you’re not in a group or can’t work out in the group then join a gym, go on a nutrition program or do some resistance training at home.

We know many people are reluctant to use this method. It seems daunting, but as you progress you’ll find you’re able to get the desired results faster as you put the effort in.

The important thing to remember with any weight loss program is to use the right techniques at the right time. Don’t do too much and then stop, do too little and go on an eating binge or two.

Here are some tips I’d like to share:

Find a trainer or trainer who is experienced in this area. I met a trainer and have trained other trainers, it takes time, but there are some incredible people out there that are dedicated towards weight loss.

Look in the mirror or make sure you’re sweating. That will give you an honest assessment whether or not you are getting the body fat you’re seeking

Make sure you’re exercising at a reasonable intensity. I usually do cardio twice a day and strength training is also a great way to keep fat down

Don’t skip meals. Try to eat only at the same time each day. If you’re feeling super hungry after eating you might want to hit up a full fast or two. If you’re feeling weak and unable to work out, skip an hour
FASTer Way to Fat LossĀ® Created by Amanda Tress

Make sure you take vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc in your gym days. Your body will thank you for it.

In my experience, when I lose weight and I start feeling better, I then move onto the other areas of my life and lose weight more often

If you do get a little bit of belly fat from other areas of your life, be prepared for a little bit of discomfort as you start to lose that belly fat back. I’ve seen some folks who haven’t taken the proper care of their body fat, and the discomfort just makes things worse and the body fat just won’t come back, it’s like you’re taking on water weight (it’s ok it’ll come back!). I’ve seen both male and female participants who’ve had their belly fat removed by doctors.