How do you lose leg fat? – How To Lose Weight In 7 Days

It used to be that bodybuilders would use any and every technique, and their fat loss would go from 0-20 lbs in one month. And it wouldn’t take forever. In fact, some people may look good on paper, but once they got into the habit of eating a lot of protein in their workouts and being diligent in the kitchen for their maintenance, then their muscles would start looking as if they were on steroids. And that’s not only the case for the guy who has a physique that is mostly lean…it’s also true for the guy who has a physique that is primarily fat. So it’s important for guys to focus on one or the other.

Do you think bodybuilders are getting their diet right?

Absolutely! There’s no reason why all bodybuilders cannot lose some fat as well as gain muscle, and that’s part of why many of them are able to make large gains. The bodybuilders getting a lot of attention in the media (especially physique writers) are often very motivated to make sure their photos look good.

Do you follow a diet?

Yes, my diet goes in a couple different directions, and I try to adhere to whatever my personal goals are. Most of my carbs come from the store and I eat a ton of fresh protein. And I also work to increase my nutrient intake from an amino acid and fiber perspective.

What kinds of food do you eat to get your nutrition?

I eat mostly raw veggies, fruits, whole grains, and nuts. But when I’m not at the gym, I try to get my protein in the form of chicken wings, eggs, and oatmeal.

As far as eating out goes, I do go to places where I am fairly reasonably priced for quality, but often don’t bother eating out when I have a lot of work ahead at home.

Who was your favorite trainer and what kind of advice did he have for getting into the gym?
A good way to lose weight is to eat out less. You never ...

My biggest inspiration for getting into the gym was one of my friends that I was always trying to impress…in fact, I had the same goals and I wanted the same results. So I would try to look like him. To this day, I’m the only person that I am physically related to.

My gym instructor was a man and I think the reason I was so impressed was because he had the guts to say, “If I saw you in the gym doing this, I’d take you down.”


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