How do I stop eating at night to lose weight? – Rebel Wilson Weight Loss And Boyfriends Birthday

Stop eating at night – especially in the evenings, not just at night.

For most women, this would include reducing the amount of time spent in bed to less than five hours when she isn’t at home with your child – or even just the evening before.

This gives her energy, and can also allow her to get to bed earlier to avoid being tired in the morning.

However, you should also be mindful in these times of not doing something else that you need to focus on to maintain weight. You could, for instance, try a short break, such as taking a few days off from work.

What can I do in the evening to stop me from eating when I can still be bothered?

If you still need to eat in the evening it’s fine to eat an hour before bed time – if it’s after midnight, then eat at a later time.

As long as you don’t eat until about 10pm, you’re fine.

Doing this doesn’t mean putting the baby to sleep or eating anything at that time.

What about other types of sleeping arrangements?

This is one area where women often disagree – it can be hard not to argue with your husband, or even a doctor, because so many women think that they need to have their own way of ensuring they can get ready and sleep.

We really don’t know how normal sleeping arrangements work for everyone’s babies. If some people do feel that this way of falling asleep is somehow wrong, it seems to be something that’s more for a judge.

It would be great if everyone could just relax and have a healthy baby, without having to fight with each other.

What do I do when my baby isn’t eating as well as she used to?

The first thing you need to do is encourage your child to eat more. Try not to be judgemental, and help by having a talk with your child about what they think she should be eating.

We also recommend that you try introducing a range of things into their diet, perhaps through baby cereal. For example, if she’s really struggling to eat, you could try feeding them some sweet and sometimes even salt treats when she’s feeding.
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Are there any risks to eating too much in bed?

We don’t yet know how common this is, but the advice can be to wait until your baby is older.

When it comes to eating after a baby has slept

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