How do I start a workout routine?

Before you get too deep into the exercises, you must learn how you train. This means you need to know how many sets you can do, number of reps, rest after each set, and rest before each recovery session.

You can find a complete workout routine on one’s own, on the internet, or in a book. For this lesson, we’ll look at a simple workout program designed for beginners like us: the “Squat Routine by Chris Klink.

What is the Squat Routine?

I’ll give away the exact exact routine you’ll need to make it through this lesson. The squat routine is really just four main body movements: the squat, deadlift, snatch, and clean & jerk.

You can mix and match these lifts on this routine depending on what you’re doing. However, I recommend you do the squat and deadlift and snatch and clean & jerk together at least once during your beginner cycle. You can continue to do other movements at any time, but you’ll see why these are the four main body movements in the next step.

The exercises are:


Weighted Snatches


Clean & Jerk

You’ll find detailed descriptions of each lift and why doing each lift at least once a week will help increase your power, strength, and endurance.

Step 3 – Choose Your Body Parts

Before we get started, I want to give you an overall picture of your body. For this, I will ask you to take a photo of your entire body at the same time. If you can, use the one below to make it easy for us to see. Take some time to get this picture right and don’t worry about making it perfect; it’s better if it is perfect than great. Just remember that there will be some pictures of your arms and legs and some pictures of your face that require adjustments. Keep these proportions in mind so you have them covered.

Now that your body is at the ready, we can start building this program.

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In this section, I will provide you with three options to select for each workout you do on your program. One is your “pre workout” and the other two are your actual exercise workouts. The one that you actually do is the workout most people refer to as “the workout you do after you eat.” These exercises are listed in ascending order in the program. I’ll cover the one with the highest