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It doesn’t matter how you lose weight – you can lose weight in 3 days using the above methods or simply by following this link for FREE. For more info on my weight loss ebook click here.

What can I do if I’m overweight or obese and overweight by 2 and obese by over 2?

It is impossible to lose weight on 2 and obesity by over 2. This is because we have an inherited, genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle condition called Obesity, which affects over a third of the population and is most common in children.

We do not produce enough leptin, an important hormone which allows us to absorb calories. Larger bodies store more leptin than sub-normal sized bodies and this excess leptin is released from fat cells to produce energy expenditure. To lose weight you need to reduce your body mass index, which can be seen as weight in relation to body-mass index and then add some fat around the middle.

How soon can I lose weight?

Although there isn’t a universal answer to that question, our understanding of obesity has progressed hugely in recent years. There are several factors which can prevent your body from burning more calories, especially the following:
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Poor Diet

Lack of exercise

Lack of sleep

Depression: In some individuals, depression can impair energy expenditure.

Overweight and Obesity – the medical term

If you are obese you have ‘metabolically unhealthy’ fat cells – fat cells that are fuelled by fat, are highly mobile and are hard to lose. The fat cells produce a number of hormones in response to exercise and a very high level of stress, which causes the cells to release insulin, which triggers a vicious cycle of increased appetite, weight gain and obesity. You have not lost your ‘healthy fat’ cells yet. If you do not lose weight at 10 weeks follow this link to learn how to lose weight.

How do I lose weight as an adult?

You may be under-weight (less than 25-30 kgs, although this depends on the specific conditions of your individual body), overweight, obese, obese, underweight or extremely obese (over 50 kgs). If your weight is less than 20 kgs you are overweight (obese) and if your weight is more than 50 kg you are obese (overweight).

You can lose weight easily though any of these steps:

Cut down your calories to make room for fat Loss 1% of your weight.

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