How can I lose weight if I can’t exercise? – Best Weight Loss Programs For Men Over 60

This is a difficult question for most people to answer. The most common way to lose weight without exercising is to try to avoid having one or more of the following food items (or food groups): processed and/or refined sugar

white bread

fried foods





lots of sugar-free food foods (soda, soft drinks, etc.)

dairy product and egg whites


whole milk and other dairy products

sugar-sweetened or highly-sweetened drinks


processed starches

meat products

vegetable oils



dairy substitutes that contain added sugar or fat

fizzing cereals


candy Foods with added sugar and/or fat include: most sweetened sports drinks

low-fat and/or calorie-free beverages

30 Superfoods For Weight Loss | SELF
bulk items containing large amounts of corn or sugar

large quantities of soft drinks, and sweets containing high-fructose corn syrup

salt-sweetened beverages

low-fat milk Products with high levels of naturally occurring sugar—such as fruit juices or sweetened tea—also can cause weight gain

sugar-sweetened breakfast cereals

candy bars, candy, gum, and biscuits of any kind

sugar-sweetened beverages made in a machine

sugar-sweetened chewing gums

sugar-sweetened soda, fruit juice, energy drinks

bulk foods made from refined sugars (e.g., white bread, white rice, white potatoes)

all types of fast food, including fast food restaurants

malt beverages

canned or bottled water

diet soda

diet soft drinks

fruits, berries, and juice drinks

treat products containing added sugar

whole milk—milk that has not been partially treated with acid

food with added salt (e.g., saltines, white table salt)

treat foods such as chocolate or salty snacks containing salt, such as pretzels and candies

sugar-free snacks, sweets, and candy that are not processed or processed in a kitchen

lots of sugar-free and highly-sweetened snacks, sweets, and sweet treat items, such as sweets made with syrup

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