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You are the one who has to make that judgment. In my experience, when I lose weight, I usually stay there until my weight stabilizes at a certain level. When I eat less than I take in, I lose weight (because I have less fat). When I eat a lot more than I take in, I lose weight. Weight loss is really just a matter of slowing down.

3. Don’t Eat Your Calories (and Exercise) As The Problem (or The Solution) Of Your Fat

When we eat all of our calories, the amount of fat we lose equals the amount we burn through exercise. How much more? It’s quite simple: we lose more weight when we do more exercise, not less. How much do we exercise? If we exercise for an hour a day, that’s a minimum of 75 minutes a week. But, what about the “hour a day”? What about three hours a week? If the total number of calories you burn through exercise is 75 calories a day, you should lose 5 lb. per week. So, the actual caloric expenditure at your peak is around 250 Calories, right? If your goal is to lose five pounds a week, that’s 250 calories. Not bad, right?

Live, Love, Laugh: My weight loss journey's official start

What causes people to think 250 calories an hour is just not enough? I can’t remember the last time I heard a person say that 250 calories is not enough calories. You see that is how they think. So, how many more minutes did you exercise to gain five pounds a week, or more, on one of the most popular weight loss websites I’ve come across? What does all the extra energy from exercise do for your goal instead of making you fat faster? It makes you fatter. If you exercise all day, you should only get to the gym three or four times a week. On those other days, you should skip the workout and do a little light cardio, for 30 minute, 15-30 second intervals. After that, it’s all downhill. Instead of doing a little more exercise, you will lose more fat than would be the case without extra calories, not less. This does not make any sense, and it is not backed up by science. You don’t eat your calories, and you workout only as much as the most active you can. Why do you think that people are so hard on themselves and on their diets all of the time?

One day in July 2015, I got a Google Drive message from a friend

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