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Your stomach’s acid can destroy healthy gut bacteria from the inside out. You will need to make a new “good” gut bacteria, which is made of about 200 species of bacteria including most beneficial bacteria.

Gastroenterology and Endoscopy

This type of colonoscopy can be performed to see your colon and other organs.

To make a colonoscopy possible in your hospital:

Your surgeon needs to know how your gastroenterologist would perform a normal colonoscopy.

Your surgeon has to be familiar with the surgery, anesthesia and the local area.

A small group of gastroenterology and endoscopy patients have had surgery and never needed a colonoscopy. This is also called “non-operative” colonoscopy. Surgery patients should ask for their surgeon’s permission to do a normal colonoscopy.

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What is the Difference Between a Normal Colonoscopy and a High-Resolution Colonoscopy?

You’ll learn about the importance of the colon’s normal functioning during a colorectal exam. You’ll be prepared to identify health problems and signs and symptoms. The colonoscopy is a procedure that uses a small incision to guide fiber-optic tubes into the small intestine. Your surgeon creates a special instrument to watch the inside of the intestinal tract.

The colonoscopy can be very useful to diagnose food poisoning and other intestinal problems. You might also learn about the bowel movements and food digestion and digestion of your medications.

During the colonoscopy, your surgeon places one tube (a fiber-optic tube) into the colon for your eyes. You will also be given an intravenous (IV) solution from your surgeon that carries a medication to help keep your muscles relaxed and smooth.

Depending on the surgery, your surgeon may also put an electrode or other device into the abdomen, below the skin. This is used to read your muscles and your heart and for the use of electrocardiogram (ECG) machines. You may be given antibiotics for a specific infection or a stomach virus. If medication is needed, your surgeon can prescribe the right dose.

A colonoscopy can help your gastroenterologist find problems early so they can be easily solved—before the problems worsen. This is called “detection,

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