How can I lose 5kg in 2 weeks? – Weight Loss Meal Plans For Endomorphs

1. Eat 1-2 days a week of clean eating and lose weight quickly in small increments. This will also help build confidence to lose the other 10 or 20kg which could affect weight loss.

2. Find the small steps that will work for you.

3. You will need flexibility in the small steps (e.g. skipping meals).

4. Eat small amounts of food 3 days a week instead of eating all the day or 2+ days a week and you would be fine.

5. Work at it. It requires your focus, dedication and effort. It’s not going to happen overnight.

6. Don’t forget that weight loss works for all ages.

7. Get support and support helps you gain back weight (especially from the inside out).

8. Remember that the more fat you remove the more calories you have to consume. Make sure to eat healthily throughout the day.

9. Keep eating! You can lose 10-20kg in 2 weeks with diet and exercise alone but it can be time consuming if you aren’t motivated to just start walking or eating better everyday (a little bit of both is best).

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Tips for weight loss – 10+ pounds

1. Start tracking your calories

Keep your meals reasonably consistent and eat enough overall in order to start losing weight. Start out by tracking your meals.

Try eating your meals out, at home, and in restaurants, for now. After a few weeks you can start tracking.

2. Try to lose weight as slowly as possible.

Doing the exercise, the weights and not eating will help you gradually lose weight as well.

3. Eat healthily

Consume a healthy and balanced diet that is low in fat and contains enough fruits and vegetables.

4. Find some quiet time, such as after work, or a quiet place with no family or friends nearby.

It will help you focus on your eating and improve your mental health. Remember that weight loss works for everybody.

5. Get in shape

Start building your body strength by working out regularly. You can use a free gym in a nearby city.

Tips for weight loss – more than 40 pounds

1. Find the small steps that will work for you.

2. Make sure to eat healthy throughout the day.

3. Work at it. It requires your focus, dedication and effort.

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