How can I lose 5kg in 2 weeks? – 12 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan

1. Keep Your Body Fat

A weight gain of more than 2.5% will put extra stress on the body, especially if you are eating a normal diet. The body is designed to store some fat and break it down for energy. This includes not just fat cells, like muscle, but all the other fat you have stored within the body.

When you try to gain more weight than normal you will gain fat cells. This is also known as being unable to burn fat, so your body is forced to store it in the more unhealthy cells that hold it.

It is also common to see people gaining around 4-5% in their first few weeks of doing this exercise, before eventually succumbing to their weight gain.

Fat can take up to a year to break down to become usable for energy, so it is crucial to keep your body’s capacity for storing any extra fat (aka the “sack”) in check.

If you are having trouble losing fat, you can put on weight in a weekend by working through your ‘cheat days’ (if you’re feeling particularly naughty).

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Fat burners, like chocolate and chips, increase your energy, and help you lose fat from your belly, but you have to be careful around them.

2. Take Low-Glycemic Carbohydrates

Once you get an appetite, it’s much easier to eat some carbohydrates.

A lot of our body’s carbohydrates come from protein sources, like meat, dairy and eggs, for instance.

Even though we may not think of it that way, some of the body’s carbohydrate comes from the food we eat – even your body’s sugars.

But you may find that when you add carbohydrates to your food to “help” it to feel full, it makes you “hungrier” for more food.

The reason being is that when you have low-glycemic carbohydrates in your diet, your body doesn’t crave high-GI foods as much.

So, because your body wants to be satiated, it likes lower levels of carbohydrates, and will continue to try to keep your appetite down.

3. Reduce Protein Intake

When you have a carbohydrate-injected diet, or when you are using a low glycemic (high fat) or high protein diet, the body has to work hard to release glucose from your liver into your bloodstream.

This is done using protein which provides the body with amino acids

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