How can I boost up my metabolism? – Paleo Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

This is probably the question that has been asked the most by Paleo users. A quick primer on the basics, then an overview of a few different strategies that have been used and proven to work.

Hint: There are three phases to the Paleo diet – Fast, Slow, and Zone.

Fast (2-3 weeks)

The first phase of the diet consists of eating mainly plant foods. For those following a low carb lifestyle, this may be an important component to consider.

The only time you would eat refined carbs is when you have an intense workout that involves long duration carbs.

In this phase, I find you would only eat carbs in the form of protein, healthy fats, or simple carbohydrates like honey, coconut oil, and fruit.

To maximize your metabolic recovery from workout, you are encouraged to try to maintain your calorie intake for the fast. A typical diet will have you having 10lbs of meat for a week, and then slowly reintroduce any carbs that you have eaten for the past week.

You should be eating at a relatively low carb intake (20-25g of carb each day) to avoid hypoglycemia; or having a build up of the sugar, insulin, or fats in your blood in the first few days of a low carb diet.

You should be eating between 150-250 total calories (from protein and fat) per day, so be extremely careful when choosing what you think you will need or want to eat the next day.

You are encouraged to limit protein intake in order to avoid a deficit of protein. There is no way any animal could support you to get a workout and stay alive as long as you can.

It is not uncommon for most clients to come in at around 240-270 calories when they start on the Fast Phase, and often you will have to decrease some amounts of calories each day.

Sometime in the first three or four days of the Fast Phase, you will hit your protein goal of 200-250, and it is important to continue that increase. It does depend on your age, gender, fitness goals, and overall fitness as a whole, but 200-250 is a pretty decent number!

In the first week, you should be eating between 40-75g of protein daily depending on your fitness goals, however, it may take several days for you to get your protein needs under control.

At this point, I recommend eating between 150 and 250

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