Does water fasting slow metabolism? – Dairy Free Diet For Weight Loss

Yes, it does. If you use a fasting ketogenic diet with high-quality calories, your body will become more metabolically active. But only a small amount. It doesn’t slow everything down, so you won’t be burning fat at the same rate, so you won’t lose any weight. You’re not losing any weight, and you’re not losing any muscles, so you shouldn’t be concerned with burning a lot of calories – you’ll do fine, and so will your liver.

I want to know more about how to get the most benefit from fasting. What are some other ways to lose weight, improve your health, and keep a strong body? Read on, because this is a key component to your health management plan.

Why should people consider fasting?

The main reason is that it is a very low-carb (and low-sugar) diet. A ketogenic diet is very high in fat, but if you take a quick look at your average supermarket a menu, most have lots of fat at the top (a few have very few carbs at all).

So if you’re already on a very low-carb diet, then you can definitely benefit from fasting, but if you’re a dieter who has never eaten like starving dogs until now, then fasting will definitely be a challenge.

We can lose up to 7.5kg (16.3lb) in just 11 weeks (in comparison, one year on a low-carb diet loses 5kg (11.7lb) in 13 weeks) on a low-carb diet with the proper help. What’s even more impressive is that you won’t even need a doctor’s prescription, since the fasting method is so easy.

Also, fasting will cause a lot of health problems – a big one being weight gain due to the weight you won’t be able to burn at the same rate. If you are on a low-carb diet, don’t stop with the ‘dieting’ part. Start the fasting part with the weight loss part.

A recent study, just published in the journal Nutrition Research, suggests that some people find fasting even more difficult to stick with than when they are trying a low-carb diet. This comes as news to me as I was the most skeptical about this study – I thought the fasting method was only a good idea if you were someone who had previously been on a low-carb diet.

Does one ‘need’ to fast?


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