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I mean, there are many reasons why this could not be true. But I’m guessing, after I read your comment, that you feel that “belly fat isn’t your fault, it’s the sweat.”

And the last thing that sweat needs in the body is fat to burn. In short: If your fat-burning metabolism isn’t doing anything, then the fat isn’t burning. The only way to burn fat is by putting the fuel right where it is used (i.e. through sweating out that fat)… or, as the body and sweat both know and should know, sweating.
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I’d suggest another way to look at this…

In your case, you’re sweating a significant amount (up to two liters per hour). You’re sweating in order to release the excess fat that you’re burning right there right out of your body.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re not burning fat! The way your body knows what to do with that fat is by sweating it out directly into the air.

So you’re either sweating that fat that you’re burning, or you’re sweating out fat that you’re burning… or somewhere in between.

(You can read more about why burning and sweating are two completely different kinds of physiological responses here.)

I’m not advocating that you sweat out the fat in your belly… that would be a total waste of energy and would also burn that fat for fuel. But if you’re sweating this fat that you’re burning, and that fat is the actual fat that is burning and is releasing some extra fat, then it’s not just you, but it’s the sweat from all the different people in the world sweating all the sweat that is on your body. That’s your fat-burning metabolism, and that’s what you need.

But you should also keep the “fat” that you use for fat-burning in your pocket and on your person for long periods of time in order to be able to keep that “fat” burning as you keep sweating it out. It’s an energy-saving concept, really, one that helps keep you away from burning the “fat” that you didn’t sweat out.

And even more importantly, if you’re able to keep a decent amount of “fat-burning metabolism” for extended periods of time, that’s actually a good thing to do. It gives your fat-burning metabolism a little bit of a boost in terms

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