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The main reason for this myth is due to some incorrect assumptions and incorrect information shared by some members of the medical community.

Myth 1

Leptin is not produced by fat, but by glands in the fat that secretes it. Leptin is produced in the hypothalamus in peripheral nerves. Fat cells in the muscle and fat in the body produce too much. Leptin is produced only in fat cells.

This is not true. Leptin is produced by the fat cells that produce it, but not in fat cells that produce it. Leptin is called leptin-releasing hormone because it stimulates the fat cells to produce the hormone. It is important to remember about how “leptin” can cause fat cells to produce leptin and not cause you or anybody else fat.

How can my thyroid thyroid disease cause my low leptin levels?

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It is believed that your thyroid (thyroid) and your body’s fat cells produce too much of the hormone in order to keep you fat. The thyroid and your fat cells produce too much hormones in one body but not in a different body.

The fat cells only produce enough of the hormone that’s needed by you so that you can’t control your fat levels. This is true for fat cells in your fat that produce leptin like your pancreas. If you have insulin resistance or thyroid disease, your fat cells are producing enough of the hormone that’s needed by you to keep your weight from increasing. Some people with leptin resistance will also increase their leptin levels in their fat cells (which are high). If they don’t increase it, fat cells in their fat will not produce enough leptin to keep your fat levels down.

It should be well known, the higher your body’s levels of body fat are, the higher your leptin levels will be. The greater the fat in your body, however, is the fewer hormone levels are needed for fat cells to raise, keep, and stop leptin production. The result is higher leptin levels in fat cells. This is why leptin resistance is often caused by a high level of body fat.

I have been told that it is easy for me to lose belly fat by eating some carbs and taking some supplements (such as amino acid L-DOPA aka. L-Tyrosine).

It is not easy for most people to lose fat without some type of exercise or dietary changes.

Most people have very low leptin levels. That means, most people have no reason to think they’re fat

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