Does iron pills cause weight gain? – Chadwick Bozeman Weight Loss Pics Funny Easter

When you read that an expert has found an association between an overconsumed supplement of iron that was originally marketed as a weight loss item and a significant increase in weight, it feels a little like “Hey, if these pills can cause weight gain, then it must be the right thing to do.” After all, a lack of iron, or an inability to absorb the nutrient, is certainly a problem for the body, and can lead to obesity.

However, for someone who isn’t taking iron pills, the overconsumption of iron by the body is irrelevant. What’s important is to follow up the blood test results to verify that the patient actually got more than the prescribed dose of the supplement.

What is iron deficiency anemia?

Although many people associate iron deficiency anemia with being too heavy, it’s actually one of the most common inherited diseases in the United States. Although many people can’t be affected by anemia, those who are in need don’t feel good enough when lying on the bathroom floor for the rest of their lives. Fortunately for us, there’s an iron pill to make us feel good.

If you’re suffering from iron deficiency anemia, or if you suffer from a genetic susceptibility to this condition, see a healthcare provider to evaluate your options and discuss iron supplements and your diet. And to answer our reader’s question: no, we didn’t find any overconsumption of iron causing anemia. We found an association. While we can’t say we completely understand its causes and how to prevent it, we do understand that it’s a very common genetic defect in American communities.

But if you’re an adult and want to avoid iron pills and have your blood tested, get an iron tablet or supplement from your doctor before taking them. Just keep in mind that those tablets will make you feel better, but that won’t stop the iron from poisoning your blood unless you’ve taken iron pills or your blood is really high in iron.

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