Does drinking water help you lose weight? – Calorie Intake And Weight Loss Calculator

Although there are several studies that suggest that it is the quantity of water in beverages rather than the quantity of water in the beverage that is the primary determinant of weight loss, the majority of such studies are observational in nature. We do not yet understand what is happening at the molecular level in response to water intake. Water is rich in calories which cause weight gain (25).

In order to effectively treat obesity there must be a significant change in the composition of the diet. Increasing amounts of water, either to water-rich foods or to water-poor foods such as soft drinks and soft drinks with added sugars, will help reduce the intake of energy-dense foods (26, 27).

How much water is needed to lose weight?

The requirement for water to gain or maintain weight can be determined when the weight of the animal is measured in kilograms.

Weight gain generally decreases with volume reduction. When weight is cut in half, the required intake of water is approximately double (25, 28).

For example, a 10 percent increase in caloric intake results in a 60 percent increase in water requirements (29). The increase in water requirements does not only correspond to the caloric content, but also with the water content of a food item that has more water compared with a less water-rich food. Therefore, adding sugar to water results in weight gain.

The average amount needed to lose weight from caloric intake is determined by taking the difference between the caloric intake of one to twelve ounces of water and the caloric intake of two or more ounces of the same food. So, for example, a 12-ounce soft drink can have 10 ounces of water in it, resulting in an additional 36 water-weight ounces of water. Assuming that the water content of a medium drink is equal to a medium soda (100 mL), the required intake is 1.25 liters of water. This is also called the water-weight range and represents the typical water-weight needs of people, and also applies when weight is being controlled for.

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