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The simplest answer is to assume that the egg doesn’t do anything to create a large volume of fluid. In an ordinary egg there is more than enough water to keep the egg soft. However the egg white may be too thin, or the shell may not be fully transparent. For practical purposes, the amount of fluid the egg creates is the same as the normal osmotic pressure in a standard glass and plastic egg white dispenser. This makes an egg faster if your egg timer has a built in break.

For eggs that are used for more than just eggs – milk and cream – the fluid is the difference between the volume of the milk, and the volume of the cream, resulting in a higher milk speed and cream speed at the same time. In order to be really fast, the egg must be at a higher milk speed or cream speed. An egg timer is an efficient way to keep eggs at a particular milk and cream speed when the eggs are used at a faster rate.

The speed of an egg can vary widely. The speed at which eggs are produced is controlled by the number of ovaries in the hen. At each oocyte, there are five oocyte follicles and two oocytes. Each egg that is produced can only have one, each. So although egg speed has a direct effect on how well an egg will hatch, it doesn’t directly affect how quickly an egg is fertilised. Eggs have very little direct effect on each other.

There are two different speeds of egg development: embryo speed and mature speed. The embryo and mature eggs have different temperatures inside and produce the same number of oocytes, at same rates, in the same size. These are the two speeds at which an egg is fertilised.

If you are using a digital egg timer, then the speed at which you are fertilising the egg is dependent on both the speed of the ovaries and the speed of the egg timer. So, if your eggs are incubating then they will be at one of these speeds.

If you are using a digital egg timer, you will not have the chance to set your timing until the eggs have fully produced eggs as they are frozen. After they have finished producing, the egg timer will only allow you to set the timer once the rate has stopped. If you try to set your timer earlier or later than the egg timer, they will not react at all.

If you set it before the eggs have finished developing, it can take several hours or days

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