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The truth is, the only long-term studies that have looked into the effect of iron tablets on your weight were made for iron patients, not healthy individuals. The studies found that those who took iron tablets have higher body iron stores, but at a much lower degree than the natural weight loss experienced by all other groups of people.

I can’t get enough of that myth, because I’ve tried it on myself and, after the first month, I started gaining weight. So if it’s real, then a lot of people do need iron tablets to lose weight.

We have a video to help you get back to being full-figured, right here.

So what do we know about iron tablets?

To put iron pill in perspective, it’s actually quite safe. It’s only considered to have a 10 percent risk of causing bleeding if taken at a very high amount. On top of that, the tablets are supposed to be extremely safe in your daily use.
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If you have a high iron concentration, like I do, you also get a fair amount of vitamin C. Iron is very important for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. It’s also beneficial in reducing inflammation and other risk factors for heart disease.

So I haven’t been on the iron pill my whole life, and I’ve been very healthy (until about six months ago). But my blood iron levels are now up to 100 percent. And that means I’m getting plenty of vitamin C from the food I eat. It gives me a great deal of energy, and I feel pretty good about myself and my body.

I’m now in my third month off the iron pills. And I can’t believe how much it has changed me. It’s been a very difficult year. But now I feel great at the gym and in my work, and I’ve lost about 50 pounds.

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