Can anemia cause weight loss? – Best Weight Loss Programs

The answer is: YES. A decrease in red blood cells (RBC) can cause weight loss if the body converts some or all of the ingested calories to energy.

Can anemia cause heart disease?

The answer is: YES. A decrease in RBCs caused by anemia can cause heart disease. However, a person who has anemia as often as 3 times a year will not typically have any heart symptoms.

Can anemia lead to problems with kidney function?

The answer is: NO! People with anemia who do not have any symptoms of kidney problems can actually have a higher risk of developing kidney disease in the future. There is not the greatest need to decrease consumption of red meat, as a decrease in red meat consumption will likely do no harm to you.

What are the health implications of anemia?

If you have anemia, you should have an appropriate doctor and nutritionist check your blood levels and get an appropriate treatment plan. If you have anemia but have otherwise normal levels, there is no need to worry. Anemia can also occur if you consume a high amount of red meats, processed foods, or fruits and vegetables. Some women should avoid breast or other large meals, and those who are older, have health problems or are lactating should eat more lean meats and vegetables.

Can anemia damage my heart or muscles?

There is no evidence to indicate that anemia can cause damage to your heart or muscles. Anemia can result from eating red meat at an early age or from being overweight. There are also some people with other blood and kidney diseases that could compromise blood vessel function. Because it is rare, it is important not to get tested very early in life unless a family member or health care provider has stated anemia could cause your heart to fail or cause other problems.

If you experience anemia related problems, ask your doctor to check your RBC levels as soon as possible. If anemia is causing problems, have a regular blood test, check for other possible risk factors, and consider having your heart checked regularly.

Can anemia cause osteoporosis?

Yes, anemia can have a negative effect on bone health and reduce bone density. This can occur because anemia can result from excess intake of red meat or processed foods or from consuming high levels of vitamin C.

How can I prevent anemia?

A diet low in red meat and processed foods can help

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