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(Or any Bible for that matter.)

As you can see, a number of verses here show us how wrong-headed it is to condemn those who are in the same or very nearly the same situation as the people who have committed adultery.

It is interesting to note that, while we might view this passage as an attack on divorce, it makes the exact opposite conclusion in Matthew 24:24-32.

In these verses I am trying to emphasize the importance of staying together in the presence of God in spite of what others say.

I am trying to remind Christian husbands and wives as well as the general public that we should not seek to control the life of our spouse or those they belong to.

On the contrary, all marriages are important to God.

Let me end this with something I learned at a conference on the subject of divorce.

I was asked at the conference what it would take for a Christian man to marry a Jew girl. My answer to this simple question was the following:

“To be able to marry the Jewish girl,” is a problem.

You see, the Jewish girl who is not already married, but who has been through one or more divorces… I asked her, “What do you think about getting married to the Jewish girl?”… She replied with a smile, “Well, I have to marry one of the other girls in the house first. I hope they won’t take each other to Temple in front of her first.”

There is nothing wrong with being able to marry another girl in the house if your first wife is not willing, or if you are already divorced. At the end of the day, all things in this life are relative. Just because you divorce your first wife’s first husband now, doesn’t mean she will also be able to divorce yours in the future. For in that case, you would be marrying a person who may have committed adultery, and, as in the case of the first husband, may have been given up for dead.

So why do we judge those who have committed adultery by what others might think?

If a Christian couple who are planning to get married were to divorce one or more of their second wives, they would need to find a wife, or a virgin, who would be willing to marry them, and who would provide a suitable husband for their children.

There is no reason to be afraid.

We should not get too attached, however, to

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