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One of the questions you can ask yourself is how popular are tattoos? For that you can take a look at the charts below. If you are trying to find out if you want to get a tattoo then you should check them all out.

Where is the lowest popularity level in the first chart and highest popularity in the second?

Tattoos that are popular in the US and other countries in the world are in the chart above. There are some exceptions in those places but the most popular tattoos are in the North-West and Southern regions of the country. There is the second chart below that illustrates the rest of the world.

Tattoo popularity in the UK is the same as in the US.
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Tattoos are widely popular throughout Asia, but the most popular tattoos are in the South-East. In the Asia-Pacific Region the most popular is in Taiwan (with the highest number of tattoos) followed by Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea and Jakarta. In the US, the most popular tattoos are in the South-East Region and South-West Region. If you are looking for a more detailed information then you can simply read the article about Tattoos in the article How to Get a Tattoo

You can also read the study at how popular is tattoo in your area.

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