What religion Cannot touch dogs?


Islam is an eternal religion that all of us had to have and it cannot be changed in any shape.

Islam has been the religion that has made every Muslim an immortal being and not a mortal one.

Every Muslim has been given the gift of eternal life at the time of his death and it is a privilege to give it to him, and to his children as well.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “The Muslims should all work hard to spread Islam, and their hard working should not go for the sake of fame or riches.” [Bukhari]

It is an obligation to help the poor, provide food supplies to families and give them a better life, as Allah says in Surah 9:29, “And those who have helped the orphan, those who have helped the needy of your household, and have aided those who are in need from among them, are truly the companions of Allah. Truly Allah protects those who help one another from evil.” [Bukhari]

Islam gives us absolute power over animals and has no room for them.

In Surah 2:256 Allah says, “Those who believed, the Prophet’s companions, and the believers, and those who do good will get reward from Allah, and Allah guides not the wrongdoing.” [Bukhari]

Islam does not have any mercy if we give the animals to other religions. Islam does not permit us to take animals to do wrong or to take food from them.

Islam is a religion which does not allow us to be part of anything that goes against the will of Allah.

Some people are against Islam because they are trying to destroy the Islamic faith.

They are against the Quran which they say is not true and that is why they hate Islam.

But Islam tells them that they must not hurt the Jews and Christians or the Christians will not abide by Islam.

These people are not following the words of Islam and instead they are spreading its falsehood. Some people think that you cannot have faith unless you believe in Islam. Now we see that it is not true.

They do not have the strength and courage and the right to hurt anyone whom Allah has honoured by giving them Islam.

The Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him, said, “If one is forced to give up something that he believes in, it is a great sin because you believed in it and you did not hurt anyone; Allah will give