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How many times have you heard someone who is a vegetarian ask you, “If I saw someone in a restaurant using a kennel, I thought, ‘That’s a little weird’?” They never would have done that if “no one had made rules on that”. To be able to say that is a big step.

In the last four years the “no kennels!” have been really popular, and in some areas they are becoming a kind of cultural touchstone. In a way, the K9 unit came out of the same kind of things.

But with all the people that I talk to, there is still not a strong pushback against the ban. So, I was trying to create some.

As we were talking about what could have made those rules acceptable in the first place, I came to one of the great debates and it was about whether or not someone could own a dog. And it is basically one of the biggest debates of this century, when it comes to dogs.

So just talking about the number of people getting married and having children is not going to do it. There are going to have to be a lot of other things done.

So it’s going to be an enormous struggle – no question about that – to create a culture of dog-ownership that is going to actually start to change the culture of dogs. So it’s really a very difficult thing, and I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Cory Doctorow: It’s a difficult question. What do we want to make out of the problem? That is, what are things we as a people want to give up and what are things we want to gain?

Sylvia Earle: As a society, we want to give dogs up, but if they are the main way we communicate with our friends and family, then it would be an enormous victory if we just started to change how we communicate with our dogs.

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It would have enormous benefits, as you were just saying. But there would also be some challenges for us to get there.

There are other people that just are not into dogs. And they are not going to take to our arguments and start to feel that it isn’t fair or that it violates their rights to dogs. So that there would be a resistance. And the more we focus on getting rid of those people that are not going to do things that we want to provide them with with a more reasonable approach to pets

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