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Image copyright AFP Image caption People held a series of protests in Delhi on Monday

The Indian government has said it will “fully” investigate allegations of corruption surrounding a large state-run company that operated power lines in India.

Rajasthan state, which has a sizeable number of minority groups, had accused Tata Power of failing to carry out a tender for power-tapping contracts.

The company has denied the allegations.

Mr Modi has drawn criticism for failing to curb corruption in his party.

“The government will fully investigate the allegations of irregularities levelled against Tata Power,” Mr Modi’s senior minister of state for power, Piyush Goyal, told reporters.

Mr Goyal declined to answer questions on how government would determine if the allegations have merit.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pictured speaking on Monday, has faced criticism for doing too little to fight corruption. This report examines the prime minister’s policies so far.

He is seen as a champion of the common man and has promised a crackdown on corruption. But the question over corruption has been increasingly a focus of his government’s actions.

Mr Modi is expected to address corruption at a party conference later this month

‘Eyes only’

The company alleged widespread corruption and a lack of transparency in awarding the contracts.

“As per the contract, the state had no role in the tender process,” the state’s Energy Minister Suresh Chaudhary told reporters.

Mr Chaudhary, a member of the ruling BJP, said that the state had “not received any notification (on the tender).”

He later told reporters the government had started an inquiry into complaints that the state had “failed to secure its share.”

An executive from Tata Power confirmed the company was trying to resolve the matter and said he was “happy the issue has been resolved”.

“India, with its people and traditions, and for the people of Rajasthan for which we strive, have the right to expect and expect high standards of governance and service from government,” Ram Moolchan, the company’s chairman, has said.

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