What makes a bad tattoo? – Boy Tattoos On Arm

Not that tattoos need to be perfect, but I’m not a fan of tattoos that feel completely inauthentic, or have been done for the wrong reason. I want tattoos to represent something meaningful to me, and I want the tattoos to represent me.

What does it take for a tattoo to be successful?

It means making a tattoo that is a reflection of who the artist wants everyone to see. It means communicating what the tattoo means to me. It means finding artists that don’t suck too much and won’t make me feel like I’m being sold into slavery. It means looking for tattoos that are beautiful, realistic, and meaningful.

Do you make sure the artist can communicate what they want with what you’re getting in your tattoo?

You have to trust the artist. I have tattoos that are great, and I love how they look and feel, and that’s all that matters. A tattoo is not proof of talent, just a tattoo. When the tattoo artist comes to you and tells you what a great tattoo is going to feel like, it means you have good relationships with your tattoo artist. They will work with you to deliver the best tattoo you need, because that’s the best way to express yourself.

What’s a good tattoo?
This highly detailed black and white tiger tattoo ...

That depends on your personality. Sometimes I love tattoos that are minimal, for me, that might mean it’s a really fun tattoo, because I love a tattoo that is something that I have to look at for a long time. Sometimes you find a tattoo that is great because it is so personal, and that’s when I am super into it. The tattoo on my shoulder is a good choice for this reason alone.

Can you recommend any artists that you’re proud of?

I have tattoos done by people I really like, and I’ve had great tattooing by people I genuinely respect, so I believe in that. If it is not from an individual I personally truly like, I wouldn’t recommend it. But I’ve had great tattoos by other artists that are as creative as they are.

How is it getting tattooed?

First thing I usually do is go pick up my tattoo tool. That way I can check on my tattoo for an hour, so I have at least an hour to get tattooed. Then I have 10 minutes to prepare the design, I have 10 minutes to make it look good, and I have 30 minutes to get finished with it. I have about two hours before I have

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