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We are a friendly company who believe in the power of tattooing to transform the user physically and mentally and to give the person a sense of empowerment. Japanese style tattoos are not just the tattoo or the design, but the message you put on your body, your body’s history, how you have been taught, your experiences, it’s also what makes your tattoo unique. Japanese tattoos are a way for people to express themselves outside the realm of what is commonly accepted in this society. These are a people way of showing their love, and this is why Japanese is the most popular style within the world of tattooing. If you are interested, let’s chat now.

How to Make a Great Photo Masking Film

A masking film is the easiest way to create a great photo masking effect because it’s based on the traditional use of wet-wipes or wet-creaming and the simple steps for making those are listed below for many styles of plastic masking films.

Step One: Create a small amount of water-based paint. This will be used to create a small “bubble,” or bubble, on one side of the masking film. The best masking film is the soft cotton masking film, which is ideal for making masks. For masking films made with a stiffer film, you must roll it.

Step Two: Pour very little paint into the bubble-forming cup and leave it out to set.

Step Three: Pour liquid water from the can onto the bubble-forming cup and slowly work it into the small bubble. Use small amounts of liquid water to get a more even thickness and consistency.

Step Four: Using a fine brush, gently spread a little water to make the surface of the masking film more smooth. The “bubble” of water should start to go away as the “bubble” is spread.

Step Five: Let the solution dry completely on the masking film. To remove the masking film, use small brushes to make small circles of paint around the bubble area to create an outline of the image to be covered.

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